Valuation in Divorce

We understand that divorce is a very difficult process that becomes more challenging and complicated when a business is involved. As most affected people going through divorce proceeding are experiencing it for the first time, they may not know their entitlements to their partner’s business or businesses.

We work with divorce lawyers in Singapore to assist them and their clients to calculate the value of the defendant’s or plaintiff’s business. In almost all divorce cases we were engaged for, we observed that their clients benefited from having a valuation done.

Our Process

Identify the valuation purpose, scope, parameter & requirements

Gather relevant documents & information from client, and through external sources

Determine valuation approach, methods, inputs, assumptions, & other parameters

Conduct valuation and compile findings into detailed report for explanation to client

Frequently Asked Questions
My partner has done a valuation, I am not satisfied with their findings.

We can perform a valuation from our side that challenges the other valuation report.

Which report will the Court use?

In most cases, the court will consider the different valuation reports submitted and then make his/her judgement based on the information and facts of the case presented.

Do you do other valuations like real estate or fine arts?

We are experts in business valuation only. We do work closely with other specialist valuers in real estate, plant & machinery, arts & antiques and jewellery.

What documents do you need?

In most divorce related valuation cases, we can work with just the past years financial statements. If you are not sure of what to send, our business valuation divorce experts will guide you step by step.

What is the process like?

Our process is straightforward, we can gather basic information from you or your divorce lawyer. Once you are ready, we will send you a service agreement and invoice. The engagement begins upon payment*. The valuation work will usually take about 2 to 3 weeks.

After which, the first draft of valuation report will be emailed to you. During this time, we will discuss the valuation with you, revisions may be necessary. Also we will explain and go through the valuation report with you.

Lastly, we can mail to you a physical hard copy of the valuation report at your request.

*For fees less than $3,501, our invoice has to be paid in full. For fees above $3500, we accept 50% initial payment and the balance to be paid prior to delivery of the valuation draft report.

What are your fees?

Depending on the complexity and requirements of the valuation case, the valuation fees will vary. We choose to base our fees on a flat fee basis, so you have the assurance and comfort knowing of the costs before engaging our services.

You can get a general estimate of our fee in the Quote calculator in the section below on this page.

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