Valuation for Litigations and Disputes

It is not uncommon for disputes to happen between shareholders of a business. A fair valuation of the business or assets can ensure relevant parties are entitled to their fair share of the business.

Quite regularly, we get valuation work referred to us by litigation and dispute lawyers to perform valuation of their clients’ business and assets. We are also able to challenge the valuation performed by other valuers to get a more objective assessment.

Our Process

Identify the valuation purpose, scope, parameter & requirements

Gather relevant documents & information from client, and through external sources

Determine valuation approach, methods, inputs, assumptions, & other parameters

Conduct valuation and compile findings into detailed report for explanation to client

Frequently Asked Questions
What considerations do I need to be aware of?

In a valuation of ownership in a private company, there is the concept of discounts. If the purpose for valuation is to determine shareholder interest in a company, the valuer may need to consider discounts such as minority discounts, blockage discounts, key person discounts, shareholder level discounts and so on.

Should I do the valuation before or after finalising discussions with my other shareholders?

This will depend entirely on the situation, which we cannot speak for. In some cases, the shareholders can collectively decide to perform the valuation after internal discussions have failed, or the shareholders can also decide to base their decisions using the valuation we provide.

In all cases, we recommend that the shareholders have made a collective agreement as to how the valuation outcome will suit their requirement, as this will prevent misunderstanding and certain challenges.

Can you mediate the discussion process for us?

Unfortunately that is beyond our scope of abilities, we are not able to offer that service. We can however sit in together with relevant parties involved and give a detailed explanation of our valuation application. We observed that this provides a high level of clarity once the parties are fully aware of how the business/share is being valued.

*In light of the COVID situation, we recommend telephone or video conferencing instead of physical meetings.

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