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Our CompanyAxel Langdon & Sawyer Pte Ltd

Delivering beyond expectations

We want to embody the ‘human touch’ in our interaction in the harsh business world.

As much as we strive to deliver quality and professional work, there is a personal ambition inculcated in our team to exude empathy, genuineness and earnestness. That is what makes us special and differentiates us. When we take on any case, we treat it with proper attention and due diligence that it deserves.

We are not driven by high professional fees as we should, for the level of work that we deliver. We understand the SME landscape deserves the best business valuation specialists as much as the multinational corporations. This is where we step in.


We are here to set the benchmark in business valuation practice across the Asia Pacific region.

We are the leading business valuation provider in Singapore that focuses purely on business valuations. Our prime focus caters to the needs of entrepreneurs and small and medium sized business in Asia Pacific. Offering only business valuation services, we are able to channel our resources and capabilities to deliver the most accurate, effective and professional business valuation service at fees that just make sense.


We are highly accredited.